All Those Years Ago…

It’s been 12 years since I left my previous prepress company (Micropublish) and started doing business as Workmarks, with a focus on independent consulting and tech support.

At the time, my support efforts focused almost exclusively on the print and prepress industries. But I quickly found that the skills necessary to troubleshoot electronic prepress problems applied to a wide range of general computer issues. My approach pushed against the grain of traditional tech consultants. I focused exclusively on Macintosh systems and networks.

My goal was (and remains) simple: technology should be affordable, and it should get out of your way so that you can do your work. Hundreds of successful clients prove that this idea was worthwhile.

Back in 2001, you may remember, Apple had pulled back from the verge of extinction, but the company’s future was still very much in doubt. A couple of new products were to change that. There was the then-brand-new Mac OS X, which took full advantage of the screaming-fast PowerPC G4 processors and brought UNIX stability to the desktop. And there was also a new device called an iPod.

Nowadays, with the company sitting on several billion dollars of cash, and the iPhone and iPad replacing desktop and notebook computers for many users, you don’t hear much about the demise of Apple. The world has changed, thanks in no small way to the evolution of these groundbreaking products.

Fortunately for this business of mine, plenty of issues remain. Fonts still need to be unraveled, files still need to be shared and backed up, and applications can still be finicky. I marvel at the power and capabilities of the technology I work with, while at the same time anticipating all the new things to come.

It’s been an absolute joy and a real privilege to work with all the talented people and organizations that have hired me through the years. I hope to continue working with you all as the future takes shape. Thank you all.

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