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It’s simple: when your tech works,
so can you.

We are right here in Austin, Texas, but we can work with you wherever you are. Discover what our clients know: Apple products combined with Workmarks workflows are still the simplest, most cost-effective way to manage your IT and spend less time making your computer work so that you can get work done. We pride ourselves on giving customers the power to manage and use their data the way that works best for them, all while keeping it secure and backed up automatically. 

If you're frustrated with non-communicative IT support that talks down to you, we'd love to meet you and show you how our work-focused approach, our knowledge, and our experience can work for you and your company or household.




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Austin, Texas 78764-3079



What We Do:

Mac OS

The desktop and notebook computers from Apple are still the global standard for the creative professional. We specialize in making your Mac OS systems work together with other platforms and in keeping them running trouble-free. When trouble does occur, we can provide fast break/fix support.

Data sharing and backup

Server products from Apple and other network storage vendors has come a long way. Workmarks has proven strategies and workflows that can simplify the way you share, secure, and backup your data while guaranteeing maximum uptime.  

Apple phones and tablets

We have been iOS users since the beginning and have developed many workflows that take advantage of the power of iOS hardware and apps as well as basic troubleshooting. Let us show you how to unlock the potential of these devices to get more work done wherever you need to be.

data recovery

The best data recovery strategy is to have great automated backups. But in those cases where it's necessary, we have partnered with DriveSavers, the industry leader in data recovery with over 30 years of proven experience. Visit our DriveSavers page for exclusive discounts on reliable data recovery.


There is nothing more important to today's mobile digital culture than a solid network. We can help you find the best Internet Service Providers in your area and compare their rates, then configure hardware, cabling, WiFi, mobile, and remote office solutions that fit the way you need to work. 

home/office automation & entertainment

Today's home and office networks are more important than ever as everything from thermostats and security systems to refrigerators and light bulbs gain internet capabilities and streaming audio and video content replaces more traditional entertainment options. We have solutions for office conference rooms and home screening rooms that can save thousands of dollars vs. the offerings of dedicated home theater and conference room outfitters. 


It’s easy, when you
know how.
— Louis Armstrong